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€7,900.00 Price

Centrepiece triumph fruit with cristal stand 37x25 h.44

Solid sterling silver centerpiece with fruits and leaves composition made by chiseled silver sheet.

The finish is burnished to highlight the workmanship.

This composition was placed on a crystal base to enhance its brilliance and grandeur.

37x25 h.44


€7,600.00 Price

A fine and impressive solid silver 800°°/°°° soup tureen in the Adams style. 

This exceptional silver soup tureen has a plain oval shaped form onto a plain oval spreading pedestal foot to a collet rim, in the Classic English Adam style.

The tray fits perfectly with the tureen making it all the elegant and refined together. Gold-plated inside.

Completely handmade

Tureen 2,020 grams cm 43.5x17H25

Tray 1,270 grams cm 50x29.


€5,600.00 Price

Mod. 50/M art. 128 Caffettiera argento barocca h. 36 manico legno intarsiatoARTICOLO DISPONIBILERIPRODUZIONE fedele di caffettiera Italiana eseguita da Domenico Tiominella prima metà del 1700. Oggi presso la collezione Falanga - MilanoLe ampie modanature verticali seguono l"andamento del corpo e determinano la sagoma del piede.Il pomolo del coperchio è a tutto tondo e rappresenta un putto che si guarda il piedino.L"eccezionalità del pezzo, oltre che alla perfetta armonia delle linee, deriva dal fatto che


€3,700.00 Price

Mod. 50/M art. "I" Caffettiera argento barocca manico legno h. 30ARTICOLO DISPONIBILEDESCRIZIONE :RIPRODUZIONE DI CAFFETTIERA arte veneta secolo XVIII - Originale, raccolta Mazzoleni - MilanoIl fusto espanso a "bulbo" e spartito da modanature verticali di diversa ampiezza, mentre nervature orizzontali dividono il corpo in numerosi registri.Questa impostazione viene altresì ripetuta nel coperchio.L"eleganza della caffettiera viene ulteriormente esaltata da una massiccia impugnatura scolpita.


€4,900.00 Price

Mod. 50/M art. 26 Caffettiera argento manico legno intarsiato h. 33ARTICOLO DISPONIBILEDESCRIZIONE:FEDELE RIPRODUZIONE di caffettiera dis. torchon Bolognese del XVIII secoloattualmente l"originale presso la collezione Galtrucco - MilanoAssai elaborata è la costruzione della sagoma di questo bellissimo oggetto.L"andamento a spirale estremamente accentuato si raccorda con il piede a nervatura e conil coperchio chiuso da un giretto di foglie rilevate e una bacca.La cerniera del coperchio è a "gomito", tipic


€12,900.00 Price

Sterling silver table mirror "Proserpio".

The body of the mirror is shaped, embossed and chiselled with scrolls and flowers.

The finish is bicolor. Gilted an burnished sterling silver.This table mirror is the fruit of Italian genius, design and craftsmanship that takes care of the details and balances of the object to perfection  55x40


€9,700.00 Price

Impressive table mirror in sterling silver completely handmade in the Baroque style.

The embossed workmanship is exceptional for its craftsmanship, precision and elegance.

In the upper part, between the scrolls and the flowers, the classic Baroque shell has been embossed.

In the extreme upper edge it is embossed and chiseled in depth to allow it to be hung on the wall without using inelegant hooks.

The back has a green velvet support to be placed on the table. cm. 43x20


€8,900.00 Price

Embossed and engraved vase with burnished particultars and golden coat of arms h. 49

Solid 800°°/°°° silver vase with base completely handmade, embossed and ceased with two oval blason depicting ceased and burnished mythological figures.


€39,500.00 Price

Mod. 11/M Silver Triptych Mirror in solid silver embossed by hand h. cm. 69 – cm. 115 wideITEM IN STOCK


€16,500.00 Price

Magazine holder in solid silver and wood ceased and embossed by hand 

This Queen Anne style rack-frame is composed of embossed, chiseled and gold-plated silver. It has additional valuable wooden panels, at the centre of which there are two silver escutcheons on which to engrave family crests, initials or shield of arms. Its four Queen Anne feet and the handle are made of gold-plated silver toad to the elegance and lightness of the piece.

6,131 grams. cm. 86x50 h. 65


€33,000.00 Price

This Art Nouveau vase displays particularly beautiful embossing which allows the harmonious creation of the figures of two young women at the front of the vase and two more at the back, surrounded by leaves and flowers.

The relief elements stand out due to sand-blasting that was used for a matte surface, burnishing and gold-plating.

h. 58


€18,000.00 Price

An Italian Baroque style table clock, it is made of embossed sheet silver with typical Baroque style swirls.

Cast details decorate its four sides and the crown.

The clock-face is enameled ceramic and the movement is mechanical.

Solid silver 800°°/°°°. cm. 41x32 h. 36 


€39,000.00 Price

Silver Triumpf of Fruits 2 parts Centre piece h. 55 d. 36

Wonderful centerpiece-triumph of fruit resting on a vase embossed and engraved leaves.

The body of the vase has woven motifs ending with a chisel leaves.

7,525 grams


€49,500.00 Price

Wonderful big vase with shaped round body embossed, chiselled and engraved with oak leaves.

On the body are soldered melting made acorns

Above the handles are placed two children.

The round base is also embossed and chiselled

The maker was a Virginio Pobbiati creation. Milan - Italy.

Solid silver 800°/°°° - 5,054 grams