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€16,500.00 Price

Magazine holder in solid silver and wood ceased and embossed by hand 

This Queen Anne style rack-frame is composed of embossed, chiseled and gold-plated silver. It has additional valuable wooden panels, at the centre of which there are two silver escutcheons on which to engrave family crests, initials or shield of arms. Its four Queen Anne feet and the handle are made of gold-plated silver toad to the elegance and lightness of the piece.

6,131 grams. cm. 86x50 h. 65

silver headboard

€58,000.00 Price

Rare Italian Silver bed head Italian barocco style.

One sheet of sterling silver embossed and chiselled by hand with typical Italian Barocco swirls.

Rare and unrepeatable work realized by the master Mario Vallè of Milan - Italy


Tavolo argento e fossile

€73,000.00 Price

20th Century Italian Silver Table.

Top is in brown Slab Fossil American Sequoia

The table base is in solid silver 925°°/°°° gr. 6.000 in Italian Baroque style bearing the typical embossed and chiseled shells, with three layers of leaves and ovules. The central section, with embossed shiny round elements of two different diameters, is the fruit of the chisel. The upper section, bearing the table surface is, moreover, embossed and chiseled with shells of greater dimension to create a justaposition with those at its base. The table surface is made from a slab of fossilized American sequoia 205/255 million years old.

We really think this is a unique handmade piece in this way in the world. 


H 27.56 in. x Dm 34.26 in.

Table Vase with dish
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Table Vase with dish

€132,000.00 Price

Exceptional table with vase and plate in solid silver. The base of the table is in 925 silver in Italian Baroque style with typical embossed and chiseled shells and three layers of leaves and ovules. The table top consists of a 205/255 million year old fossilized American sequoia slab. 6000 grams. Height 70 and diameter 87 cm.

Large vase in 800 solid silver with a round shaped embossed body, chiseled and engraved with oak leaves. Acorns made of fusion are welded to the body. Two angels are placed above the handles. The round base is embossed and chiseled 5.054 grams. Measurements: height 56 cm, diameter 31 cm. Large plate in 800 solid silver with round shaped embossed body, chiseled and engraved with oak leaves. 1,630 grams. Measurements: diameter 44 cm 

Italian Silver Gallery Tray...
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Italian Silver Gallery Tray...

€18,000.00 Price

Rectangular barocco tray shaped with high edge and oval holes for handles.

It has been placed on 4 small feet.

The tray is completely handmade by Fantappiè e Castrucci Silversmiths in Florence - Italy.

The silver sheet has been hammered and shaped completely by hand by hammer.

The solid silver stand by Schiavon - Treviso - Italy  was hand-made with a square section tube.

7,215 grams Tray cm. 43 x 59