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€7,900.00 Price

Centrepiece triumph fruit with cristal stand 37x25 h.44

Solid sterling silver centerpiece with fruits and leaves composition made by chiseled silver sheet.

The finish is burnished to highlight the workmanship.

This composition was placed on a crystal base to enhance its brilliance and grandeur.

37x25 h.44


€44,000.00 Price

Silver Triumpf of Fruits 2 parts Centre piece h. 55 d. 36

Wonderful centerpiece-triumph of fruit resting on a vase embossed and engraved leaves.

The body of the vase has woven motifs ending with a chisel leaves.

7,525 grams


€7,950.00 Price

Mod 24/M Oval tray engraved with golden details and mother of pearl 49x38ITEM IN STOCK


€6,900.00 Price

A fine and impressive solid silver 800°°/°°° soup tureen in the Adams style. 

This exceptional silver soup tureen has a plain oval shaped form onto a plain oval spreading pedestal foot to a collet rim, in the Classic English Adam style.

The tray fits perfectly with the tureen making it all the elegant and refined together. Gold-plated inside.

Completely handmade

Tureen 2,020 grams cm 43.5x17H25

Tray 1,270 grams cm 50x29.

Silver Centrepiece

€4,950.00 Price

Silver centerpiece completely handmade.

Made from a silver sheet, shaped and embossed to transform it into a single enveloping band

which forms the body and the handle.

Hand hammered to give it shine and finished inside with a 24Kt gold plating.

It can be a centerpiece, a basket for a flowers arrangement or a 2-seater champagne bucket

cm. 38x26 h. 32

Centro Argento

€2,150.00 Price

Round silver basket 800 °° / °°° with handles. The body is chiselled with "bows".

The base and the handles are smooth

d. 25 h. 12 cm

Silver centrepiece

€15,000.00 Price

Exceptional silver center piece made in Milan in the 70s of the last century.

It is an exact copy of a Roman centerpiece or cup with handles found in Boscoreale not far from Pompeii. The original with all the other silver objects are in the archaeological museum of Naples.

The body is round with incredibly embossed olives and olive leaves. The depth is about 2 cm for the olives and 1 cm for the leaves, which have been embossed and chiseled undercut. The processing between the fruits and the leaves is knurled, to highlight shiny leaves and olives.

The handle is cast and finely chiseled. The interior has been gilded with 24Kt gold.

34x27 h. 14 cm

Silver Centrepiece

€3,450.00 Price

Sterling silver oval centrepiece on feet with pierced by hand and finished with Baroque scrolls and shells edge.

1.200 grams.

Silver Centrepiece

€3,450.00 Price

Sterling silver basket with handle.

The body is hand-pierced with grape patterns, grape leaves, and it has a smooth oval base.

The handle is melted with vines and leaves

950 grams.

29x30 h. 27 cm

Pr. Silver Centrepieces

€5,600.00 Price

Pair of elegant solid silver 800 round centerpieces on base.

The embossing and chisels with floral motifs are in three sectors, symmetrical both on the body and on the base.

The centerpieces were made completely by hand.

2150 grams for both. d. 25 h. 19 cm