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€7,900.00 Price

Embossed and engraved vase with burnished particultars and golden coat of arms h. 49

Solid 800°°/°°° silver vase with base completely handmade, embossed and ceased with two oval blason depicting ceased and burnished mythological figures.

Silver Vase

€5,950.00 Price

Gorgeous Italian 19th Cebtury solid silver vase.

Body made in one piece without welding. Embossed and chiseled, of rare beauty and precision. Two important handles made of fusion and finely chiseled were welded onto the vase. The inside of the vase has been gilded in thickness with a non-glossy technique in order to make the overhangs visible and appreciable also on the inside.

The vase was marked with the "800" but it was not possible to identify the master silversmith

On both sides, the names of the owners of the vase, Maria and Gianni, have been engraved by hand

Weight: 1184 grams


Height cm. 30 at the handles

Height cm. 23 vase

Width cm. 33 at the handles

Width cm. 18 vase.

17x27 h. 23 cm


€36,500.00 Price

This Art Nouveau vase displays particularly beautiful embossing which allows the harmonious creation of the figures of two young women at the front of the vase and two more at the back, surrounded by leaves and flowers.

The relief elements stand out due to sand-blasting that was used for a matte surface, burnishing and gold-plating.

h. 58


€49,000.00 Price

Wonderful big vase with shaped round body embossed, chiselled and engraved with oak leaves.

On the body are soldered melting made acorns

Above the handles are placed two children.

The round base is also embossed and chiselled

The maker was a Virginio Pobbiati creation. Milan - Italy.

Solid silver 800°/°°° - 5,054 grams


€5,150.00 Price

Silver vase ceased with dolphins h. 29

Beautiful vase in sterling silver completely handmade with chiseled strips.

The round body ends with the upper part which is narrow and decorated with 2 cast dolphins

1,020 grams h. 29


€44,000.00 Price

Silver Triumpf of Fruits 2 parts Centre piece h. 55 d. 36

Wonderful centerpiece-triumph of fruit resting on a vase embossed and engraved leaves.

The body of the vase has woven motifs ending with a chisel leaves.

7,525 grams

Silver Vase

€4,100.00 Price

800 solid silver vase completely handmade.

The body is cylindrical in the upper part while towards the base it widens due to the overhang and chisel. The chosen subject is the sea.

Fish, shrimp, crabs and marine flora that swim and float in the water have been finely embossed and chiseled

Ideal for furnishing a luxury beach house

h. 26 d. 22

Silver Vase

€6,800.00 Price

Finely embossed and chiselled sterling silver vase

The handles are incorporated in the body of the vase itself and embossed with an oak leaves. A large leaf, has been embossed the centre of the object.

The vase is supported by a hammered oval base

12x23 h. 32 cm

Silver Vase

€2,080.00 Price

Silver 800 vase Empire revival on foot. 

The body and the foot are cheased and ambossed 

Three leaves rims determine the typical Empire style

d. 15 h. 39 cm

Silver Vase

€3,600.00 Price

Sterling Silver vase. 

The smooth body is shaped and slightly hammered

The foot follows the shape of the body harmoniously

Completely hand made

20x20 h. 28 cm

Silver Vase

€5,600.00 Price

Modern silver 800°°/°°° globe vase fully chiselled and embossed by hand.

2,700 grams. d, 30 h. 28

Silver Jug

€4,100.00 Price

Handmade 800 silver jug.

Embossed and chiseled with straw design.

The handle and the median frame is a braided cord made from 2 solid silver wires.

The base of the jug is chiseled with a torchon design

h. cm. 35

Silver Jug

€5,500.00 Price

Large solid silver 800 jug.

The body, an hammered ball shape, is embossed in the upper part with grapes and vine leaves.

The Bacco mask is embossed in the front.

The handle of the jug is melted and reproduces leaves with leaves and acines

17x27 h. 23 cm