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Silver Chalice

€1,250.00 Price

Conical shaped sterling silver chalice with base.

The body is completely smooth and shiny while the removable cup is 24kt gold

h. 16,5 d. 10,5

Silver Chalice

€2,980.00 Price

Solid sterling silver liturgical chalice, completely handmade.

The base is hammered and embossed with arched motifs that facilitate its grip. The middle part of the body is embossed and chiseled with a band design ending with equilateral crosses.

The cup is smooth and 24-karat gold-plated

Made in Italy by Silver Art, Alessandria, Italy

for Arval Argenti Valenza.

d. 11 h. 21 cm

Calice Madonna

€4,900.00 Price

Chalice in 925 sterling silver made in cast and embossed and chiseled completely by hand.

The figure of the Virgin Mary has a coat, burnished and oxidized in 2 shades, which surrounds the golden cup and is finished with 24-karat pure gold plating, as well as the interior of the smooth cup.

This goblet was designed and designed by the Cellini goldsmith institute of Valenza Po - Italy made in Valenza by our company in only 2 specimens.

The first of the two was given by the city of Valenza to Pope John Paul II.

Wojtyla being very devoted to the Madonna, this gift was particularly welcome at the time and is still in the Vatican.

This is the only other example in the world.

Weight 1560 grams. d. 10 h. 25 cm

Silver Chalice

€2,950.00 Price

Ecclesiastical chalice in sterling silver in Baroque style.

The shape is unusual, characterized by the oval cast base with volutes typical of the Baroque style.

The stem is also worked in fusion, while the golden cup is placed on another cup embossed and chiselled with shells and swirls.

Completely handmade

676 grams. 9x12 h. 21 cm

Silver Chalice

€5,870.00 Price

Large Liturgical Chalice in sterling silver.

The base is finely embossed with the face of Christ, grapes, vine leaves and ears.

The workmanship is highlighted by the 24 Kt golden finish, burnished and knurled.

The stem is also embossed and chiseled with fesoni. The goblet cup is removable and 24Kt gilded. The saucer is engraved with scrolls and knurled.

It is possible to personalize the chalice with an engraving under the base without adding a price.

Silver Holy Water Stoup...

€12,500.00 Price

Holy water stoup in 800 solid silver.

Made entirely by hand, embossed and chiseled with leaves and pods motif.

The lid is removable to allow water to be refilled.

The lower part of the water collector is always embossed and chiseled with the same motif and has been gilded internally.

The silver holy water stoup rests on a shaped base of precious wood.

cm. 16x51 h. 88

Silver Portal Virgin Mary...

€3,200.00 Price

Portal in chiseled solid silver depicting the "Marriage of the Virgin".

The Marriage of the Virgin is an oil painting on wood (170 × 117 cm) by Raphael - "Raffaello Sanzio", dated 1504 and kept in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan - Italy.

It is signed "Raphael Vrbinas". It is one of the most famous works of the artist, which closes the youth period and marks the beginning of the stage of artistic maturity.

This work in solid silver 800 has been particularly treated in its processing to represent the work faithfully.

The figures are protected by a glass. The gallery frame has been knurled, burnished and enriched with silver friezes. The rectangular and smooth base enhances its quality

cm. 6x17 h 21 cm

SIlver Portal Virgin Mary...

€3,950.00 Price

Portal in chiseled solid silver depicting "Madonna with Child".

This work in solid silver 800 has been particularly cared for in its processing to faithfully represent the original work.

The figures are protected by glass and knurled, hinged and reclosable "doors".

The inside of the doors is gilded (like many other details) and worked with volutes in relief.

The rectangular and smooth base with gold leaf frame enhances its quality 

6,5x14 (17 open) h. 21