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Three silver candlesticks

€6,300.00 Price

Set of three smooth candlesticks in solid silver 800°°/°°°.

The body, the base are hexagonal.

The tulip bud is hexagonal with the square top

1750 grams.

d, 14 h. 33 cm

Pr. Silver Candlesticks

€5,890.00 Price

Pair of candlesticks in silver Baroque Milanese replica.

The candlesticks was hand-worked with melting and chisel technique By Cesani Virgino, Milan for Arval Argenti Valenza - Italy.

h. 25 d. 13 cm  - 1860 grams

Pr. Silver Candlesticks

€4,900.00 Price

Pair of silver 800 candlesticks in Italian Barocco Genoese style.

The body worked on silver sheet was embossed and engraved by hand

with scrolls and flowers

Measure: 820 grams. h. 26 d. 13 cm.

Pr. Silver Candlesticks

€2,650.00 Price

Pair of sterling silver candlisticks with one light.

The structure has been realized by a smooth sheet of silver.

The wave movement is realized with manufacturing by handmade.

On the top one rounds candle-holder are placed to complete the object

580 grams  cm. 6x17 h. 11


€3,900.00 Price

Pair of sterling silver candelabra with three lights.

The structure has been realized by a smooth sheet of silver.

The wave movement is realized with manufacturing by handmade.

On the top three rounds candle-holders are placed to complete the object

1130 grams.

Silver Candelabra

€5,750.00 Price

Elegant candelabra in 925 sterling silver with central stem and striped arms.

The two side candle holders are detachable and become two chambersticks cm. 11 H. 5.5 .

The "fluted" candle holders are in English style.

The candlestick is of the telescopic type with the adjustment of a screw there is the possibility of giving the two lateral flames to the desired height as displayed in the photos.

Each part can be completely disassembled to facilitate cleaning of the candelabra

cm. 37 h. 52

Pr.Silver Canedabras

€8,890.00 Price

Pair of 5-light candelabra in 925 sterling silver in neoclassical style.

The silver base is round and completely smooth

The arms of the candelabra are made of silver and made of fusion, and engraved with chisel.

The candle holders are silver and smooth.

The stem is in "tiger eye" stone

2500 grams. h. 39 d. 28 cm


€15,500.00 Price

Pr. of Italian Barocco revival five light candelabras. 

These Candlesticks are the result of the excellence of Italian craftsmanship

that cures to perfection details and design balances

5,300 grams.

Silver Candelabra

€7,800.00 Price

The Hanukkah menorah, also chanukiah or hanukkiah is a nine-branched candelabrum lit during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah, as opposed to the seven-branched menorah used in the ancient Temple or as a symbol. On each night of Hanukkah, a new branch is lit. The ninth holder, called the Shamash ("helper" or "servant"), is for a candle used to light all other candles or to be used as an extra light. To be kosher, the Shamash must be offset on a higher or lower plane than the main eight candles or oil lamps, but there are differing opinions as to whether all the lights must be arranged in a straight line, or if the channukiah can be arranged in a curve. The hanukkiah, along with the seven-branched menorah and the Star of David, is among the most widely produced articles of Jewish ceremonial.

20th Century Italian Silver...

€87,000.00 Price

Finely hand-chiselled and embossed by hand. The cast shade-supports bear delicately chiselled decorative elements. The main support is refined, chiselled and embossed with swirls and cast ornamental elements. The round base bears pod-chiselling, interwoven with leaf and garland motifs. The base has castors to facilitate movement.

Weight 22,485 grams.  H. 205 cm

Table Lamp "Angel"

€18,300.00 Price

The triangular base is embossed and chiseled with a pattern that appears on its three facets. 

The central stem is composed of a child upholding the shade structure.

5.135 grams. h. 97  d. 25 cm

Pr. Silver Lamp

€17,100.00 Price

Pair of "Cariatidi" lamps in 800 silver. Completely hand-carved and embossed with scrolls motifs.

Measure: First lamp is height cm. 41.5, diameter cm. 16,5 1,860 grams

Second lamp is height 42.5, diameter cm. 16,5 1.870 grams

The lamps do not have the same height because they are completely made by hand in two different periods. 1968 and 1969